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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Miami on Ice

Recently, we did something we had never done: we went ice-skating!! I know that's hard to believe but remember we are from South Florida, we don't ice-skate, at least not outside. We do have 3 indoor ice-skating rinks but I really don't know anyone who actually goes to those. This year, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown, they set up Miami on Ice, a semi-outdoor ice-skating rink and I knew it was time for my crazy kids to try it out.

We went with our pal Mia who is a great ice-skater. We started off with the stabilizers. Those only lasted a few minutes for some of the kids. Gian kept on it almost the whole time. Amberly let it go once she got her balance and Adrian used one, on and off. 

He was a lot braver ice-skating than he has ever been while trying to skate at the roller skating rink. 

Gian was the one that surprised me. He is usually fearless but didn't take to ice-skating very much.

There was alot of this for poor Adrian. After a while, his clothes was soaked from falling so much. I am super proud of him for getting right back up and trying again, totally unlike him.

Ivanna helped him out as much as she could. Actually, they all helped each other. It was so sweet to watch them interact with each other.

Once they gained a little confidence, it was time for a conga line (we are from Miami after all!!)

The skating rink is small and they have one hour sessions. The kids had a wonderful time and Adrian is already asking when we are going to go again. Little does he know, it will be sooner than later since we will be up in Gatlinburg, TN where he will be ice-skating at Ober!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I remember ice skating at Central Park when I lived in NY. I was actually pretty good! I need to take the kids to try.



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