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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Embracing The New

"There comes a point when you know, without doubt, without hesitation, 
that you cannot go back to your old life. 
You cannot be who you once were and also have a new life with new riches."
 - Julie McIntyre

I love my life now. I have changed a lot about my life since 2010. All of 2009 thru September 2011 was terrible. Everything I had was taken from me and I had to start over from scratch. When I say start over, I mean it. I had to start over as a mother with a 4 year old. I got a new job. I met an amazing man. I went from a single mom of one, to a mom/step-mom of three. I started this blog and most recently (this year) became a work-at-home mom. It's a lot of change to absorb in five years.

I have learned to embrace the new. Embracing new ideas, new people and new ways to support my family. I have embraced new ways of thinking and new ways of caring for others. My reasoning behind this post is because all of a sudden, Adrian's father has returned and it has gotten me to thinking about my past life. My life with him. He thought he could come back (after 6 years) and that I would await him with open arms. I have spoken to him on the phone and he has seen Adrian. Honestly, I have probably had about 4 hours worth of conversation with him and I have wondered how we ever dated. I'm not sure if it's that I have changed so much and he hasn't. I have grown as a woman. I think differently and returning to him is just not an option. 

"You cannot be who you once were and also have a new life with new riches." This quote makes more and more sense to me everyday. Sometimes, your life really has to fall apart so you can rise and see how amazing life can truly be.

I am so blessed. I am in a stable relationship with a good, hardworking man who believes in me. Adrian and I have a deep, unbreakable bond. Amberly and Gian trust in me and know that I care for them deeply. I am able to work from home, or anywhere really, on this little blog of mine. I am able to provide for my family and slowly but surely, make all of our dreams come true!

Thank you to all who support my blog. Thank you to each and every one of you that reads my posts and shares on social media. I am totally embracing the new and loving every second!


  1. Aww.. I love this post friend! I can't wait to see what is next for you!

  2. I love this! It looks like life is going the way it's supposed to for you and you deserve every bit of this goodness!



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