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Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer of Swim

Summer of 2016 will forever be known to our family as the summer of swim. Whether at the pool or at the beach, we have been in bathing suits all summer long!

Thanks to a certain world competition going on this summer (ahem...OLYMPICS!!!), my kids are super into swimming so I signed them up for a more advanced swim class where they worked on the 4 strokes. We took this class ALL SUMMER LONG!

Somedays the dress code was a little crazier than others!

Most days were ended with a sunset dip at the beach!

The pool and the beach weren't enough since we also decided we needed to go to waterparks!

Ready to tryout for swim team!

Working on diving.............

Thank goodness for diving boards. They really are the highlight of summer pool fun!

They are pretty good at their strokes now. Amberly joined swim team first. Gian is trying out next week and Adrian will tryout in November after football season is over!!

It's been a ridiculously hot summer all over the country!! Have you spent lots of time cooling off?

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