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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Keep The Holiday Magic Alive in Older Kids

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I love the holiday season, everything from Halloween to New Years. I love the whimsy, the magic and the time spent with family and friends. As the kids get older and wiser, it has become a little more challenging to keep the holiday magic alive. I make it my mission every year to keep them believing, even if just for one more year. I would love for them to grow up and feel the magic, no matter how old they are!

1. Keep Santa a secret. Most people think I am ridiculous for keeping Santa a secret from my 8, 9 and 10 year old but it's so important to me. I think believing in Santa keeps the magic alive. They have come to me a couple times and asked if Santa is real because so and so at school said he wasn't and all I say is "Do you believe Santa is real? It keeps them guessing. I don't believe it's a horrible trick but honestly, I still like to believe that Santa is real. In our home, Santa brings the gifts so the kids do not see one gift under the tree until Christmas morning. They are so thrilled when they wake up Christmas morning and see all the gifts but I will tell you this, you need to become a Christmas ninja to keep gifts hidden until then. We hide them in storage, at my sister's house, at work, anywhere. 

2. Keep them on their toes. I have all sorts of surprises up my sleeve for the holidays. There is always a new factor added on to the celebrations. Last year, we packed shoeboxes for kids and they loved it. We also went ice skating outdoors, which living in Miami, is quite the treat. This year, we are getting all dressed up and going to the Nutcracker. We also have friends from their school coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Little surprises really keep them looking forward to the holiday season.

3. Tradition, tradition, tradition. Even if you think your older kids have outgrown them, keep those beloved family traditions alive. Nothing is more special or creates more long-lasting memories than tradition. Sure, we like surprises but those things that you do every single year really make the holiday season special, especially for blended families like ours. Every year we have a Northpole Breakfast the weekend after Thanksgiving where our elf, Buddy returns. Every year, it's someone's turn to put the tree topper on the tree. We all get new Christmas jammies and shirts to wear. We take pictures with Santa. These traditions will hopefully be the special memories that they will one day share with their children!

4. Ask them what they would like to do! Kids have very strong opinions and like to know that their opinions count so I always ask them what they would like to do. This year they mutually agreed that they didn't want a boring Christmas card. I'm totally OK with that. While we were at Walmart the other day, they found the Wrigley's Holiday Storybooks. These little storybooks come out ever year during the holidays!

These books are the perfect stocking stuffers. Not only do they bring yummy candies, Skittles®, Starburst®, LifeSavers® and LifeSavers Gummies® but they also include fun activities. This year, they even include selfie filters and for my older kids, this is a great idea! They posed with their storybooks and created their own Christmas card!

Honestly, I love their creativity and they have had a kick hanging out together and taking pictures! This fun Christmas card is definitely a winner in my book!!

Keeping the holiday magic alive in older kids takes some thought and holiday spririt but it is so worth it. Let them be little for as long as possible!!

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