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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Repeat

I don't know about your kids, but once my son likes a pair of shoes, I might as well donate all the others he has. Right now, his red converse are on repeat. He wears them to school, he wears them to the park, he wears them everywhere. He calls them his "Fast Shoes". According to him, they make him run faster and running is all he does lately. Maybe I have a future track and field star on my hands, who knows.....

Well since all he wants to wear are his "fast shoes", of course, I make sure his outfits match. Right now this is his go-to outfit for his red shoes, other than his school uniform:

He loves this outfit!

Shirt: Arizona Thermal T-Shirt - Boys 4-20, right now on clearance for $7 at JC Penney
Jeans: Old Navy Boys Skinny Jeans, $15
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Kids Oxford Shoes, $28 at JC Penney

I don't typically spend alot on children's clothes. Why? They grow out of them in no time. Also, I always use a coupon, widely available through the retailers. I spend the most on shoes and even then, won't spend more than $30 on a pair of kids shoes.

What about your kids? Do they have a pair of "fast shoes?" Do they have an "on repeat" outfit?

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