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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bye Bye Kindergarten!

Today was Adrian's Kindergarten ceremony. Such a bittersweet moment. I'm happy he's growing up and doing so well but it is sad to watch your baby grow up.

The ceremony was super cute. They sang a couple songs, one totally in spanish. Adrian has been practicing for weeks, but he had stage-fright during the ceremony and really just went through the movements. The kids were all so excited. 

Oh and there was a slide-show playing when we walked in and one of the topics was "When I grow up", of course, Adrian said football player!

So I am very very proud of Adrian for doing so well in Kindergarten. He is totally ready for first grade!!!

"You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" -Dr. Seuss


  1. How cute! I just got experience my first little graduation. My daughters preschool did a little play and had a ceremony, along with a dinner and slide show. It's so hard to believe she's going into kindergarten, I believe I'm way more nervous then she is. Congrats to your little man.

  2. Cute! I remember when my oldest 'graduated' from kindergarten, they were all so adorable :)

  3. What an awesome day. Good job, Mom. That slideshow is such a neat idea. I’ll have to remember it for my little ones in a few years.

    Happy SITS!

  4. This reminds me of my son's Kindergarten graduation a couple of months ago. So precious. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your SITS Day!

  5. He is ADORABLE!!!

    My daughter just graduated kindergarten as well. It is so bittersweet watching her grow into this independent little lady that reminds me much like myself
    at her age. It makes me think of how I can keep her from making the many mistakes I made while growing to choose nice to pay attention in Math- even though it sucks!

    Good luck with your little man!

  6. The Kindergarten graduations are always so much fun! My youngest son will be in 2nd grade now, but I remember his Kinder promotion and the slideshow. Congrats to your lil guy!

  7. Congratulations Ida, and congratulations Adrian!
    Happy SITS day Second Chances girl, I pray it is very memorable for you!

  8. My baby is about to turn fifteen, so it's been a while since her kindergarten graduation, but I remember what a bittersweet day that was. Thrilled to see her progressing, but sad that I would never have a kindergartener again. She'll be in high school this year and I now have more adult children than non-adult children. Time just keeps moving.

    But there are so many wonderful things in your future with you son. Enjoy every one of them!

    Congratulations to your son on his graduation.

  9. LOVE the pics!!! Special day for you both! Thx for sharing!

  10. This is so, so sweet!! Congratulations!!

  11. What a cute boy! It is bittersweet though, isn't it?

    Happy SITS Day!

  12. Heaven help me I cried like a baby when my daughter graduated from Kindergarten! Such a bittersweet day. It probably didn't help when they played sappy music and showed pictures of them from the first day of school compared with the end of the year.

  13. Happy SITS Day! I don't know what I am going to do when my baby finishes kindergarten! But I know that it's a fun time to see them grow and flourish. Thanks for sharing :)



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