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Monday, June 3, 2013

From Orange to Green

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I am on detox from graduation overload this weekend. First was Adrian's graduation from Kindergarten that I wrote about here. Then Friday evening he had a belt graduation in his Tae Kwon Do class. He went from orange belt to green belt with a black stripe and a red uniform, meaning he is now in the black belt program. He still has a ways to go but he is moving up belt by belt.

Once the kids are promoted to a new belt, they come together in a circle and present a form. He presented United One. This is a form he learned while he was a white belt but I guess it is the one he is most comfortable with. Here I got a picture of his kick:

Look at that awesome form. He has gotten so much better at his forms and kicks. I know with hard work and dedication, he will make it to black belt. 

Here are pics from his previous belt graduations:

This was when he started (January 2012)

When he received his Gold belt (look at that excitement)

So proud!

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