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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

I'm sure that if you have a son, and he does something un-explainable, someone will say "boys will be boys." I never understood this as child but now since having Adrian that simple phrase explains so much! Burping contests, jumping contests, front and back flips, video games, wrestling......all "boys will be boys" stuff. I'm not saying girls don't do any of this, but in our house, its always the boys! By boys, I mean Adrian, JC, my brother Hector, his friends.  Age does not matter when it comes to boy stuff around here. Case in point......jumping into water.........these guys will spend hours on Sundays doing any number of these....

Whether its sidekicks...

or being tossed.......

as long as there is a "cool" factor, its all fair game.

All I have to say about this craziness is "Boys Will Be Boys!"


  1. Love this! I totally understand - I have three boys (now teens) and I never understood either (growing up in a houseful of girls). All I can say is - they're fun, so enjoy it!

    1. Thanks LuAnne! I'm hoping everything stays fun!

  2. it's true! boys will be boys! I love mine to death and love it when that statement pops up in my head!

  3. I have two boys, so I completely understand :)



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