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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Childhood Must

We had a very relaxing weekend. We stayed home on Saturday and most of the day Sunday, just hanging out. We did have a super important moment this weekend: Adrian finally caught a lizard! This was the moment of all moments for him. He had been trying and trying to catch lizards for the past year and was not successful until Saturday. The dogs spotted the lizard inside the house and he slowly approached it and waited, waited until he quickly grabbed its tail and caught a lizard.

To me, whether they freak you out or you are fascinated by them, catching a lizard is a childhood must. I used to catch them and clip them to my earlobe like earrings. I was so happy for Adrian on Saturday, of course after catching just one, now he thinks he's an expert! I'm glad I have a picture as proof, I'm not sure when he will catch another.

Also, quick favor, can you please vote for my blog (currently #10) as a Circle of Moms Top 25 Southern Mom blog? Thanks!


  1. Too fun. We don't get too many lizards around here, but I do remember catching the occasional salamander when I was a kid. And at our current house we do see the occasional skink.

  2. agreed! my boys love lizards but never been able to catch one!

  3. Ha! The earlobe thing makes me laugh. I agree. As a kid, we'd spend hours wading in streams and catching cool animals. I grew up in Jersey so less lizards around but I caught tons of salamanders and crawfish.

  4. I must admit --- I've never caught a lizard. I did catch gardner snakes when I was a kid, but there is no way I would stick my hands into the tall grass anymore.... :)

    Great post!

  5. Cute!
    Following you on bloglovin. Found you from Southern Bloggers Rock! I'm in south Florida.

  6. ooohh! I am cringing looking at that lizzard- I do everything to keep them out of my house and off of my front porch! Saying hi from Monday hop! have a great week!

  7. my son is a fly catcher instead of a lizard catcher (we don't have many wild ones in Ireland) he seriously walks up and and picks up the fly and they crawl around on his hand!!



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