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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Joining The PTA!

Yes you read the title correctly, I'm joining the PTA at my son's school. Why you ask? Why not! I volunteered as a classroom mom last year when he was in Kindergarten and I loved it. I figure let's sign up and join the organization that works together to improve the school. I love helping out and I look forward to forming relationships with school staff. Do I look forward to the drama and cliques? NOPE! Hey, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. So, last night I completed my application, wrote my check and I will drop it off tonight at Open House.

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Of course, I will continue to blog about my PTA experience. Are you a member of the PTA at your's child's school? Any tips? 

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  1. You are so much better than me! My husband is always telling me that I need to volunteer and I don't :) I do all the fund raisers, collect box tops and go to the events, but I am really bad with dealing with other people's kids and so much of the PTO at our school involves kids. I think you are awesome for volunteering!

  2. Slowly raises hand...I'm on the darn PTA Board. There WILL be drama but stay neutral and keep your focus on the kids. All snarky comments are reserved for margaritas with your most trusted girlfriends.

  3. I think it's awesome! No PTA for me...yet. My daughter goes to a cooperative preschool with a board of directors but it's small and seems grueling. Not for me yet!

  4. Though, I homeschool my youngest, I have never been on the PTA before. I do a lot of other types of volunteering for the oldest, but never the PTA. You will probably end up enjoying it.

  5. It's a great thing to do for your child's school and also great for your playground social life--you'll rapidly get to know more mums in the playground. I'm part of the PTA at my son's school and it is hard work, but worthwhile when you look around and see all the lovely extras that the PTA has raised money for. (Ours paid for new trophy cabinets, an outdoor classroom, a wooden obstacle course for the playground and is helping revamp the library, too.)

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  6. Dont have to deal with PTA yet since my son isnt in school yet but good luck!
    Stopping by from the blog hop! Hop over to mine here

  7. I've always wanted to join the PTA but I work full time so I can't. Why did you have to fill out an app? Is it like a job? Up here, you just pay some dues & you are in (South Jersey). Looking forward to hear about your PTA adventures.

    1. I work full-time as well and was worried I wouldn't have time, but they do provide different options. I chose once a month volunteering, I can handle that much. You have to fill out an app bc they do a background check, since you are with the kids.

  8. Yay! I'm the VP of our PTA this year. It's a lot of work, but of course you don't have to sign up for that! Everyone should join the PTA even if you aren't able to volunteer your time. It still keeps you in the loop with what's going on and lets you vote if an important issue comes up. I think there are cliques and mama drama at school with or without a PTA!

  9. i like the way you blog =D nice work..
    keep it up



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