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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall & Halloween Decor

Good morning! I am happy to announce that our outdoor fall and Halloween decor is up. Yes fall and Halloween, both at the same time. I am obviously to lazy to decorate twice. Also, you will notice that I do not like gruesome Halloween decor, I like cutesy stuff. The kids insisted that we decorate for Halloween this weekend, yet they did not move a muscle to help me out! Darn kids!

It's a little hard to get inspired for fall decor when its 90 degrees here until about December, but we try our best!

Large pumpkins from a local market
Small pumpkins, crow, owl silhouettes and scarecrow from Dollar Tree
Straw Hay stacks from Walmart

Skull, Black roses, copper vase all from Dollar Tree

Lawn decorations from Party City

Bag of Bones from Walmart
Tombstones from Dollar Tree

Have you put up your fall and/or Halloween decor?


  1. Stopping by from the Mommy Monday Blog Hop and I'm in the midst of putting up decorations. It's the same here - so hot, it's hard to get in the fall spirit. I love checking out decorations at the Dollar Tree. I found some medium size carvable pumpkins that I can't wait to try out. With the humidity here real pumpkins start getting moldy so fast.

  2. We have just started decorating here too! Some cute pumpkins, one giant pumpkin and a few brightly colored skull lights. Scarlet loves the skull lights - they're not my favorite but she does! And we have a scarecrow.

  3. I haven't put up any decorations, yet. I think it's probably because my kids are getting older and don't pull and talk of doing stuff for Halloween. I think they're only interested in candy, now. So, as long as they have tons of candy, they're happy. But, I really need to get around to doing some type of deco.

  4. Ooh! I think I'm gonna have to go to the Dollar Tree and check out their decorations!



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