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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Recap

WOW! What a weekend! We started off great and ended on a sad note. We didn't do anything special or go on a trip, just hanging out at home as a family. Since we live so far South, our summer weather lasts all the way into late November (then we get fall-ish weather until March and then back to summer) so we aren't really saying good-bye to summer around these parts. OK let's begin.....


We picked up Amberly and Gian from their mom's house and went to Menchie's for fro-yo. The kids love Menchie's and it's their special treat! They create all sorts of crazy concoctions with the fro-yo and all the candy/nuts/sprinkles/fruits/sauces. We just pretty much let them get what they want.

Pool Day! First, let me explain the weather here this weekend. Bright and sunny from sunrise to about 2pm. Crazy thunderstorms to about 6pm and then we return to bright and sunny until sunset (around 8ish). It was really hard to plan activities around this weather.After breakfast, I spent 45 minutes preparing water balloons. Each child got a bucket of balloons and I let them loose on each other. It was their first water balloon fight. They barely hit each other but hey had fun. Then it was pool time! Once the rain started we came inside and got dressed to go out. I went with Amberly to watch the One Direction movie, oh the things we do as moms, right? It wasn't as painful as I thought. She got a little bored after a while but patiently sat through it (it was meant for older girls, but all her friends were watching it over the weekend so she wanted to as well). Meanwhile, the boys and JC went to Gametime to play video games. They had a blast.

With two boys around, Amberly sometimes feels left out, so I went to pick up Adrian's cousin Ivanna to hang out with us for the day. There was more pool time. Lots of it. I even went and purchased an underwater camera. They had the greatest time taking pictures of each other under water. Once it got cloudy, we moved the crew inside to watch EPIC on DVD. The kids love that movie. I think its so beautiful. There was also a make your own sundae session. Once the skies cleared again, time to go to the park! (Believe me, I was not staying inside with four kids!) They ran, played football, chased each other up and down the slides, all while JC played over at the basketball courts. He loves basketball. After the park, I took Ivanna home and it was bath and bedtime for everyone else. Once the kids start school, I try to maintain their bedtimes so they don't fall out of routine. So bedtime every night was between 9 and 9:30pm.

So we are on a routine for the weekend: breakfast, pool, movies and hanging out. I figure today, I will BBQ some salmon, burgers, ribs and chicken with some fun sides and the kids can play with the slip-n-slide. An easy, relaxing day. Well that wasn't in the cards. While I was grocery shopping, JC calls me frantic that one of the dogs bit Gian in the face. I was stunned. I hurried home from the store, picked them up and rushed to the hospital. In the car, I was able to look at it and see that she had bit him in the cheek. Six hours later, he had five stitches in and was treated with a popsicle. He was so brave! Poor thing, he can't get any sun on it so it doesn't scar so bad, so this weekend was officially our last pool session for the summer! And yes, we got rid of the dog. My sister took her. I cannot continue to have a dog in the house that bites the kids. Honestly, we are very lucky she only bit him in the cheek and I am super lucky that his mom didn't flip. Either would have made the situation 10x worse.

So this was our weekend. I am very sad today, just can't get out of my funk. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day! 

What did you do this weekend? 

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  1. That was quite the weekend! Glad your little guy is ok after that bite! (and I'm in a funk too for no reason at all...sigh)

  2. I am so sorry. The same thing happened on the same cheek when my daughter was one. It was very sad and it took me awhile to stop feeling sad. I don't feel sad anymore, though!

    1. Wow! That's crazy,the same thing? I feel like the sadness will last a bit though. I guess it's part of parenting. Thank u for being a pal!

  3. Well, sounds like a really good weekend until yesterday!

    I hope Gian is recovering well. Kudos to you for removing the dog from the home, even though I'm sure there's some sadness there as well. We have 3 dogs, and I can only imagine how this must feel.

    Hoping everyone has a great week!

  4. Looks like you had a mostly good weekend! So sorry to hear about the sad ending. Hopefully the cheek will heal quickly and without any scarring.
    I think it was a smart decision for your family to remove the dog into a better environment for him and you. I know there is some sadness letting a family pet go to another home but it sounds like it was the best situation all around.

  5. It looks like you had a very FULL weekend...but I am so sorry about the dog! They quickly become part of the family--so I know it must have been hard, but OF COURSE you have to do what is best for your family first. Ultimately, it will be better for the dog too. I hope you had a good week!



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