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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm Happy! #30ThingsChallenge

What makes you happy? I am generally a very happy person. I'm a glass is half-full kinda girl! There are some days where I will be sad, depressed, angry but I will say they are probably 20 out of 365 days a year. Not too bad!!

Today we are at question #2 of my #30ThingsChallenge series. What 5 things make you happy right now?

1. Happy by Pharell Williams

This song is super fun. I remember it was my favorite part of the Despicable Me 2 movie. How can you not get happy when you here it?

2. Adrian now has an A in math. Super proud mom moment right now. He started at a C and it really worried me that he just wasn't getting it. Since that day, I have been sitting with a dry-erase board and his homework every day. We practice, practice, practice. First-graders in the Common Core curriculum learn 4 different ways to add and subtract. How was he not going to get confused? I was confused. Well, I am glad to say that after weeks and weeks of practicing, he now has an A! 

3.  Instagram.

I love Instagram. I love looking at people's daily lives, not the super-styled "for my blog" pics. I feel a great sense of community on Instagram, so much commenting and sharing! I've also gotten lots of local follows which also helps in making new friends!!! Do we follow each other on Instagram? I'm at Follow me and I'll follow right back!!

4. JC 

This man makes me very happy. He is kind, loving, patient, generous, hard-working, supportive. There are just not enough words for me to express how happy he has made me in the past couple of years. 

5. My Second Chance

In 2009 my life feel apart. I made some bad business decisions and had everything taken from me. I struggled for years and in 2011, I started my life over again. Losing everything makes you value what is really important and material things aren't it. Love and family are it for me. I was able to focus on being a mother. I met JC and started a new life. I was given a second chance and I am not going to mess it up this time around!

What are 5 things that make you most happy right now?


  1. I love the song "Happy". Have you seen the video of Pharrell surprising the teacher who was leading her students in a dance to this song? Gave me chills!
    And the JC one is so nice!

  2. I love instagram too, it is such an easy way to stay caught up with people and see the little things going on. So glad you were given a second chance are are taking advantage of it. I am so not a fan of common core



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