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Monday, February 24, 2014

Random Facts About Me! #30ThingsChallenge

On Saturday, I posted about the #30ThingsChallenge I am participating in. I am super excited about this challenge. I'm hoping to learn a little more about myself and save all my answers for my kids to be able to read one day.

20 Random Facts About Me:

1. My favorite color is red.
2. I wear a size 7 shoe.
3. My birthday is in February and I'm an Aquarius.
4. I don't like wearing jewelry other than a watch and earrings.
5. I'm always cold. Sometimes even in the summer.
6. I love chocolate chip cookies. Don't give me any other cookie because I will not eat it.
7. I am obsessed with white teeth. Mine are never white enough for me.
8. I cannot draw, not even stick figures.
9. I need to have my dose of Cuban coffee every morning. I cannot function without it.
10.  I love the ocean but am terrified of what's in the water. Seriously, there's animals in there!
11. I'm a closet Marvel-nerd. Ask me anything. I know my superheroes!
12. My hair is thin and frizzy curly. There is no hope for it to be fabulous and I've come to terms with it.
13. Super organized places scare me. I am messy. 
14. I love owls and foxes even though I have never seen either in person. 
15. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, especially Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
16. I love authentic Mexican food over anything else.
17. I am too lazy to wear makeup everyday. 
18. I hate working out, like really despise it, even though I know I should. I'll do yoga though.
19. I love online shopping. Actually going out to the mall is no longer an option for me!
20. I wear contacts. I have been wearing them since childhood. I am almost legally blind and I can see with contacts better than glasses. I am not a candidate for LASIK surgery so contacts it is for life!

If you are participating in the #30ThingsChallenge, please comment below with your post info so I can come over and learn a little more about you!


  1. You should come up here! We have foxes and owls in my property.
    And your hair (and teeth) always look so gorgeous in photos.
    Thanks for giving me these prompts! I can't wait to get mine up this week.

    1. Oh I definitely need to visit you one day! I am so looking forward to reading your post!

  2. Ida, as I mentioned before we have so much in common! Maybe your my Cuban sister? :) I definitely want to participate in this! I love these kind of post

  3. Great post - It was fun to learn so much about you!

  4. I am not doing this challenge, but kudos to you for sharing so much of yourself and getting it done!

  5. What a fun thing you're doing and how great that your kids will be able to read it one day!



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