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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fun In The Sun

Growing up in South Florida, you learn to love the sun. Sure, it rains sometimes, but it is usually nice and sunny. This weekend the weather was fantastic. It was a high of 80 both Saturday and Sunday and I made sure we were outside as much as possible.

Saturday morning Adrian had the last game of winter basketball and they received their trophies!

Then it was pool time! Yup, we officially kicked off water-fun season at our house on Saturday! The kids were in the pool for hours!

Sunday, we had a family gathering at one of my sister's houses to celebrate her birthday. She lives by the beach, towards the bay area. Here's a good picture we took, the four kids and our mom (the itty bitty in front).

My niece and her boyfriend barbequed (yes, grilling season is also in full effect already!) It was so delicious.

Our little family!!  Isn't this bay area beautiful?

The kids went in the pool and then went fishing! Except for Adrian, this was the kids first time fishing. I didn't even know JC knew how to fish! Well, the picking were slim, this was all he caught!

 My friend Philip helped with the bait! So gross!!

JC took this amazing pic of me and the kids looking out at the bay trying to spot dolphins. I'm definitely putting this on a canvas.

What did you do this weekend? Any fun in the sun?


  1. Lovely photos! -Looks like you all had a great time. I lived in Az before moving to Colorado and I absolutely miss the sunny days there. :)

  2. Did you find any dolphins? And beautiful photos. I can't really imagine heat and sun year round. New England has its moments, but winter is brutal!

  3. I was not missing Florida until I read this post! We just moved to VA from Tampa in the fall. The snow was a welcome change but I definitely miss the beach! Stopping by from the Spring Fling!

  4. Aww... what a beautiful family you have Ida! Nothing like living in sunny Florida! Going to the beach in feb. - check!



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