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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Want To Be The Owner! #30ThingsChallenge

Back today with another answer to the #30ThingsChallenge! Today's question is:

#3. What is your dream job and why?

Think back at how many times you have been asked this question in your life. What have you answered? I've said teacher, surgeon, President, stockbroker, actress, professional ballerina, fashion designer, news anchor and so many more I can't even remember. I've wanted to be everything.  So, before I put down any of those as my dream job,  I thought hard. What have I always wanted to be? What job would make me genuinely happy? The answer might surprise you!

My dream job would be owner of a professional sports franchise!!!.


Yes, this is my dream job. Owning and managing a professional sports team. It could be for any sport, but preferably an NFL team. I want to be part of the big boys club up in the skyboxes. I want to pick players. I want to negotiate contracts. I want to call meetings and discuss futures. I want to inspire my franchise with positive energy and commitment to my players and staff. I also want to be able to yell when things aren't done right. Can you imagine my 5'5" self standing up to one of these 6'4" 200+ players and telling them how it is? I want to make rules for my team as to how they will behave and present themselves. You will wear suits (players in the NBA have to travel and show up in suits). Your hair will be pulled back (I've seen many a braid getting yanked during games). There will be no bullying, they will be courteous to each other. Oh and let's not even get started on the spitting (YUCK!!!). You don't perform up to my standards, you are off my team. I know I will be a tough owner but a fair one.

I'm sure this is not what you imagined when you first read the question but it is what it is. I love sports. I love football. I want to be part of an exclusive club where women are still rarely allowed in. Hey, Condoleezza Rice once said that her dream job was to be commissioner of the NFL!! She was even considered for the position at one point. Who would have ever imagined that? I'm telling you, if I ever have enough money (like I won the Powerball or some other lottery), I would definitely invest in a professional sports franchise!!


  1. What a cool dream job! And I can't wait to get to this question when it's my turn.
    May your dreams come true.

    1. I hope my dreams come true! I would be in heaven with this job! :)

  2. So cool! I don't know much about football but your dream job sounds amazing and it's such a unique answer than most. Chase those dreams girl!!

  3. That is so cool! I have to get started on this challenge. Hopefully this weekend I will get my first one written up. I have so many half written posts right now. I didn't know that about Condoleeza - that is interesting. She's a fascinating woman though...I have a lot of respect for her.



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