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Monday, March 17, 2014

Party Overload

With kids come parties. With three kids and a couple nieces and nephews under 10 comes lots of parties. There are lots of birthdays and holidays to be celebrated, everyday accomplishments made into big events and some "just because" events. If you read this blog often, you know that I believe that every child should have a birthday party, whether big or small. Birthdays are a big deal in our household (check out the ones I've posted about so far here)!!

So for 2014, I have the following parties to plan (so far!):
1. Jacob's (Adrian's cousin) 2nd birthday
2. Easter Brunch
3. 4th of July BBQ
4. Ivanna's (Adrian's cousin/Jacob's sister) 10th birthday
5. School's out pool party
6. A couple movie release/watching parties (I love these!)
7. JC's birthday
8. Adrian's 8th birthday
9. Gian's 7th birthday? (maybe, his mother is supposedly handling it this year, but I doubt it)
10. Amberly's 9th birthday? (maybe, her mother is supposedly handling it this year, but I doubt it)

I'm writing my list on the blog so I actually work really hard on them this year and remember to share them. For the birthdays, I have a couple themes that I need to narrow down. I need your help with Jacob's. It is going to be a party with his cousins at his grandmother's house. This will be his first birthday party. I'm thinking Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street. He doesn't really watch TV so he doesn't know much about either character but I know these are the biggies for kids. Or maybe, just like a cowboy for construction theme, I'm just not sure!

Source: Party City

Source: Party City

What do you think? Which would you choose? Did you post about your child' second birthday? If so, please share your link in the comments so I can get some ideas!! Thanks friends! Oh and if you have any ideas for a 10 year old party, I welcome those too!!!


  1. I love party planning. I'd be a professional party planner if I could! Even though my daughter is only turning two this year and won't really remember it, I'm still planning a fun party for her!

  2. At this point, you should just go pro if you haven't already!
    If he doesn't know Mickey or Sesame, hm...I might do something more vague. However, Elmo is a huge hit with kids his age.

  3. Every kid loves Mickey! Mickey Mouse should be an easy one as there are tons of decorations and ideas floating around Pinterest. My daughter's 1st b-day was Minnie Mouse and I made some custom Minnie lollipops. Do you own a Silhouette by any chance? I can always share the template I created. My daughter's 2nd b-day this year is Sofia the First and I have yet to break out the crafts!

  4. Which one to they like more? I think both are great, I personally might go with Mickey. But either I am sure would be fabulous. Sounds like you've been busy!



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