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Monday, June 30, 2014

Beat The Afternoon Slump with SNICKERS® and Dr Pepper! #Refuel2Go #CollectiveBias

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Beat the afternoon slump! Refuel with SNICKERS® 2-to-go and Dr Pepper #Refuel2Go #shop

The dreaded afternoon slump. For those of us that work in an office from 9am to 5pm, the afternoon slump is the time period between 3 and 3:30pm when all you want to do is nap! If we were cars, this time period would be the one where our tanks are running on empty and we pull into a station to refuel. Usually, I will start a pot of coffee, but the guys in my office are getting bored of coffee. I knew they needed something fun and new to beat the afternoon slump!

See those bored and sleepy faces? I see this everyday! Something had to be done!

On the way home from work the other day, I started thinking about what I could give these guys to beat the slump. They are big candy fans so immediately I thought SNICKERS®. I stopped at Walmart and only had to get as far as the checkout lanes before I spotted the new SNICKERS® Peanut Butter 2-to-go bars. I grabbed a couple of these, along with a couple bottles of Dr Pepper (what guy doesn't love Dr Pepper) and knew that I had picked the perfect combination of snacks to refuel my co-workers!

SNICKERS® 2-to-go and Dr Pepper available at Walmart #Refuel2Go

The next day, around 3pm, instead of putting on the usual pot of coffee, I busted out my new snack combo. They were so excited! Here's JC ripping open his pack of SNICKERS® Peanut Butter 2-to-go. He loves peanut butter so I knew this was a good choice. 

Even Sergio, who I hadn't ever seen eat candy, joined in the fun! They loved their new snack combo and I've already had to go to Walmart twice to stock up!

Their favorite part about the new SNICKERS® 2-to-go is the convenient packaging. They don't have to scarf down all 4 pieces at a time. They can have two, twist the wrapper closed and then have the other two pieces the next day! 
Convenient Save for Later Packaging #Refuel2Go

Interested in getting this new snack combo for your co-workers? Wonderful! Here's a coupon for you to save $1.00 off a purchase of (2) SNICKERS® 2-to-go bars and (2) 20 oz Dr Pepper bottles!

WAIT! There's more! 
There's a SWEEPSTAKES! Purchase (2) SNICKERS® 2-to-go and (2) 20 oz Dr Pepper bottles, then text or email your receipt to and be entered for a chance to win 1 of 250 available Walmart gas/gift cards! You can find full instructions here:

How do you beat the dreaded afternoon slump? 


  1. Dr. Pepper is actually the only soda I've ever liked!
    And peanut butter snickers are my favorite.

  2. You're the best coworker! We have the odd cupcake here and there, but no one ever brings me a SNICKERS or Dr Pepper! #client



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