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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Family Fun: Bowling

Last Sunday afternoon, we went bowling. We love to go bowling as a family. It's a fun hour or two with some healthy competition. I believe healthy competition is important for family bonding. Healthy competition makes kids more determined, learn to lose and be proud of their accomplishment when they win. Let's face it, there is nothing more awesome than beating your parents at something!!

P.S.: The big camera was left at home, all pics are from my phone!! 

 Ugly bowling shoes shot!!

First up: Amberly. This girl definitely has the posing down!!

Next: Adrian. All his shots were blurry, he would just run up there, launch the ball down the lane and sit back down!

 Gian came after. He participates but he really hates bowling. He would place the ball on the line and just push it. Maybe he will get the hang of it one day!

JC thought he was a pro. Look at that form! He did well this time, I believe he got like 3 or 4 strikes!

Of course, I posed with the ball. I was the only one paying attention to the camera when Adrian was taking pics. 

Even with all of JC's strikes, Adrian managed to beat us all. He was so excited. We are still hearing "I won at bowling!!"

And of course, the family shot. I am all intot he family shot this year. We take one (almost) everywhere we go!!

We had a fun afternoon and definitely something fun to do on a rainy day!

Does your family go bowling? Do your kids like it?


  1. I love bowling. I haven't done it in ages! I did take Scarlet to a fourth birthday party at a bowling alley and they had those bumpers up and she is just so little that she needed a lot of help!
    Was adorable, though.

  2. My dad and I used to go bowling growing up and I love it :) I tried taking my kids a couple of times and they hated it. Maybe I need to try again now that they are older. They might like it better now that they are 5 and 8!



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