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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Summer Goals & FREE Printable

School's out and even though the summer season doesn't technically start for a couple more weeks, here in Miami, we have deemed it Summer! The kids started summer camps this week and are loving life. I even get to sleep in for an extra half-an-hour every morning! Woo hoo!!! This year, I am trying something new with the kids, Summer Goals. I want them to work towards something and learn this summer. I sat them down the other day, with paper and markers, and asked them to write a list of all the things that wanted to work towards this summer, a Summer goals list that I would put up on the fridge and they would follow.

Working on our summer goals and FREE printable

At first, it was hard for them to figure out what goals they wanted. I started them off with an exercise goal. No sitting around all summer! From there, we moved onto a reading goal, then a chore and then a place they would like to visit. Goals are good. Achieving a goal teaches children perseverance and that hard work pays off! They could write down as many as they wanted, but at least four. 

Let's start with Gian, only because he finished his list first and he wrote it in crayon (super adorable!):

His list reads: swim faster, jump rope, read 4 books, learn to make my bed. He left the table before we discussed a final prize for completing goals so his list doesn't include his reward. 

Now Adrian:

Adrian's 2014 Summer Goals

Adrian dreams of one day becoming Lebron James so his summer goals are focused on exercise. His list reads: squat 10x times a day, push-ups 10x a day, 100 jump-ropes, cleaning my bedroom, 100 books every day (in other words, read 1 book a day), go to a waterpark.  He left the table quickly also, so no reward here either. It's hard to get these kids to sit for more than 15 minutes. I have no idea how teachers are able to do it!

Amberly took the longest writing out her list, in fact, she did it twice since she realized that the colors she chose for her first list didn't match! #artistproblems

                           Amberly's 2014 Summer goals
Her list reads: read 3 books a month, help with laundry, jump rope 10x a day, go to a waterpark, learn to sculpt, do flips in the pool, go to Legoland, go to an art museum. Her reward is a My Little Pony Equestria Girls Apple Jack doll (most complicated toy name ever!)

JC and I are working with them to achieve all these goals. A biggie on all three lists is jump roping, they are obsessed with learning how to jump rope. First, we got Adrian a rope since he watched a video that shows basketball players warming up by jump roping and he decided that he needed to do that too. Then, Amberly and Gian saw him using it and wanted to learn also. So we took a whole afternoon and worked on that (quite a feat!). We are going this weekend to the library to check out some books so they can get on the reading goals. Little by little, they have about 70 days of break, I know they will be achieving all their goals. 

Want to try something like this with your kids? I created a fun printable that you can use to help your kids create their summer goal list!

FREE Summer Goals Printable

Have you talked to your kids about summer goals? It's never too early to start!


  1. This is SO cool! I would've loved doing this when I was a kid. And I totally agree, they will feel so proud of themselves accomplishing their goals and will learn great lessons. Love this!

    1. Yours will be old enough for this soon! Take advantage of it like I have and include some chores! Mom needs summer break also! :)

  2. What a great idea with written goals. I talked to my four boys about their summer goals - but now I should have them put them in writing - awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. I am also a Florida blogger - up in Jupiter. I found you on Bloglovin' today while I was at work... oops... shouldn't have been checking out your blog at work! I love your blog - very clean and great content! I am glad I found it! I followed you on Facebook too.

    1. Welcome!! Thank you so much for following! Having kids write down their goals helps remind them to continue on achieving their goals!



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