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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is the perfect way to describe this past Saturday. It was the type of day that any parent with kids dreads, the "everyone has an event I need to be at" type of day! Thankfully, all the events were at different times throughout the day. Adrian had basketball playoffs in the morning, Gian had his Kindergarten graduation in the afternoon and Amberly was exhibiting an art piece in a gallery in the evening. In between all this, there was outfit changes and JC had to work. Oh, the joys of family!

Let's start with Adrian. Saturday morning were his basketball playoffs. His team "the Dragons" were in second place coming into the playoffs and unfortunately, they lost the championship game. The Dragons remained in second place closing out the season. Rank doesn't really matter in his league anyway, so after the game, it was trophy time!!

Of course, Adrian is the clown on the team.

After basketball, quick showers and outfit changes and off to Gian's graduation. The ceremony was held at his school. About 16 students were graduating. He attends a small private school. He behaved amazing and we were so proud to find out that he made Principal Honor Roll meaning he was on honor roll all 4 grading periods. He is such a smart boy!

I got a real genuine smile out of him (rarely happens!)

In the evening, we went out to support Amberly artistic talents. Man, this girl is amazing!! I wish I had a quarter of her talent. I don't know of many 8-year olds that are able to display their art in a gallery in Wynwood. We arrived before she did, her mom was bringing her to the gallery. JC was a nervous wreck scanning all the walls looking for her piece. I spotted it and he quickly relaxed. I think he thought they had forgotten her piece back at the studio. There was a band playing, local kids/teens playing awesome music. Amberly arrived a little after us and I will never forget her reaction at walking into a gallery full of people with a band playing. Pure joy! She was in her zone. 

This was the student wall. 

Amberly's piece was created in chalk pastel. I told you she was talented!! Hers was the only chalk pastel in the whole gallery, everyone else had painting or drawings in pencil. 

Ana, the director of the gallery and the Art Atelier, the studio where Amberly takes her art lessons. We are so grateful for Ana inviting Amberly to display a piece at the gallery!

All in all, it was a crazy but amazing day. Each child was allowed to have their moment to shine! I am so proud of each of them, individually and together supporting each other! 


  1. Congratulations to you and JC for keeping these kids balanced and supporting their individuals talents and needs! They all deserve a big "I' PROUD OF YOU!"

  2. Such a gorgeous family! And awesome artwork!

    1. Thanks Kristen. She worked really hard on that piece.

  3. Okay, you and your man look like models, and your children are all so talented! What a fun Saturday!

    1. Thanks Jessica, made my day! It was a super fun Saturday!

  4. That is a great and busy day! But seriously what an amazing proud mama one. Her artwork is beautiful.

  5. You guys must be so proud of your babies! Good job mommy and daddy! Such wonderful talent from all three of them!

  6. Wow! My mom's an art teacher and she'd say that Amberly is very gifted.
    So much going on all around with the kids, huh? I love spring for that.
    And the kids are all gorgeous!!



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