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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy National Stepfamily Day To Us!!

Happy National Stepfamily Day to us! Did you know there was a National Stepfamily Day? I didn't, until about two weeks ago and when I found out, I was so excited to tell JC. His response? So, what are we doing to celebrate? You now what I said? Nothing! I was still so giddy with excitement that there was a day that celebrates our special family that I hadn't thought on how to actually celebrate it!

National Stepfamily day is celebrated annually on September 16th and was founded by Christy Borgeld in 1997.  Stepfamilies or "blended families" (the term I prefer) are everywhere! We blended our families about three years ago and it has been great! Sure, there have been ups and downs, but every family has those! 

I truly have been blessed with my family. JC and I work hard at maintaining peace and respect amongst the five of us. The only difference between our family and any other is that sometimes we are three and sometimes we are five! No matter how many members are present, we are a family!

We make sure to spend as much time as possible together. We celebrate holidays and birthdays together. We go on vacation together. If there is a family event, everyone goes. Both sides of our families know this and we are always considered a "family of five" if we are invited anywhere. 

I love every single member of my family! We have five very different personalities and we might not look alike but we are a family! Happy National Stepfamily Day to us and to all the other blended families out there! Remember, patience is a virtue!! 

Oh and to celebrate, we will be having pizza, cake and ice cream this weekend when we are all together!!


  1. It is nice to see a family/stepfamily that are happy and doing their best for the kids. Congratulations to all

  2. Wow! There's a day for us! This is so special and I relate so much. People knew growing up that we were a family of seven. For sure.



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