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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Style Saturday: Fall Must-Haves, Miami Edition

Welcome back to another Style Saturday post. I started this series for fun and it has slowly become my most popular post of the week! Yay! All around the blogosphere the talk is fall and pumpkins and sweaters. Well to those of us that live in year-round tropical weather, where we don't hit 65 degrees until like January, the "fall" season really doesn't mean a big change when it comes to our wardrobes. We still wear our sundresses, shorts and short-sleeve shirts. We add "touches of fall" to our wardrobes by means of booties, nail polishes, etc. Today I'm going to share my fall must-haves: The Miami Edition!!

Animal Print Anything!

Oh look a picture of me! This was the other day right before work. Here I'm rocking my new animal print flats that I bought during the JCP Labor Day sale. I think I ended up paying like $20 or so for them. They are so comfy and perfect for fall!

I couldn't find my exact ones online but I did find these at Target. You know I can find anything at Target!!

"Fall Colored" Bag

Tell me that this Clarus Tote from Anthro isn't pure perfection! I want it now! It's leather, a beautiful caramel color and just perfect! The price is not bad either at under $200. I usually rock a bright bag but I will tone down the color-craziness for fall!

Black Jeans

"Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years!" Please tell me you know who sang that! I don't want to feel that old! Black jeans have been around forever but GAP is hailing a huge "comeback" for them this year for fall. I love jeans and since I can wear them to work, you know I will be buying these soon! Like in my picture above, black jeans go great with chambray, a plain white tee or even a fancy blouse!

Dark Nail Polish

There is nothing more I love that when Essie releases their fall line and this year didn't disappoint. I can't want until my local Target (you now it!) or CVS gets these in stock. I can't even pick a favorite!

Right now  I am wearing a deep purple color while I wait. Changing my nail polish is the easiest way to stay "on trend" for fall!


Booties are the perfect way for us Miami girls to rock boots without suffocating. We can style them with dresses shorts and tucked into skinny jeans. I just bought these lace combat boots from, wait for it, Kmart. Yup, Kmart and for only $24.99. I told you, I shop everywhere! I love the color, I love the lace, I love everything about these boots. Booties, especially combat, are really big this fall so if you have any lying around in the back of your closet from high school, get ready to dust them off!!

Now, if you are wondering: How can I buy all of this and stay under budget? I'm going to tell you how I do it. I make a budget every season for "upgrades" like the items above and then I go to a gift card website like Here I can purchase discounted gift cards to the stores I want to shop at like Target, GAP, etc. Then I pair these gift cards with online coupons and free shipping and BAM! new seasonal items and usually under budget!! 

What are your "top" picks for fall? Do you create a budget for seasonal items? 


  1. I think you could pull off a colored bag for fall! I'm thinking, a dark burnt yellow, burgundy, or even a burnt orange. That would totally accentuate the leopard print too ;)

  2. Loved this because it doesn't get cold here in Phoenix either until like January! I like that you mentioned we can change our nail polish or add booties to add more of a fall feel without actually having to succumb to clothes that we're going to be sweating in. I always get so sad this time of year when everyone else is busting out their fall apparel and I don't know how to incorporate that "feeling" in my wardrobe. I love these posts, you definitely need to be a personal stylist or something! Also love your tips for saving money! I've got to check that site out!

  3. I live in NY so I am amused by what you consider fall/winter clothing. It has been in the 40s in the evenings and soon the white stuff will start falling. Cute pictures though.



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