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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Soccer Mom Essentials

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by BodyArmor. All opinions are mine alone. 

Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing: it's time for youth soccer. Children all over the country are being chauffeured to practice and tournaments during the week and especially on weekends. Who are these lucky chauffeurs? Why that would be us, the soccer moms! 

All sports moms need certain essentials out on the field! Here's your comprehensive list of soccer mom essentials! #DrinkBodyArmour #ad

All sports moms need certain essentials to get them through practices and games. After a couple seasons of being a "soccer mom", I have compiled a list of what I think are essentials every soccer mom needs to be comfortable while cheering on their young athlete!

All sports moms need certain essentials out on the field! Here's your comprehensive list of soccer mom essentials! #DrinkBodyArmour #ad

First of all, you will need a comfy camp/quad chair. Your chair needs to be lightweight and portable since you will be carrying back and forth from your car to the courts various times a week. I love my pink Embark chair. It stands out from the crowd of navy chairs that everyone else seems to have. I also suggest a wheeling cooler. I have this exact 40qt cooler and it's so easy to pull. I suggest you take a cooler filled with snacks for your kid and plenty of drinks. I pack water and BODYARMOR premium sports drinks in my cooler. Adrian loves BODYARMOR sports drink, especially the fruit punch ones. BODYARMOR sports drinks taste way better than other sports drink and they have less sodium (very important for athletes playing out in the hot sun). It has more potassium packed electrolytes, vitamin and coconut water. Nothing artificial. 

My other MUST-HAVES include: plenty of sunscreen for both me and Adrian, a cap to protect my face from the sun, sunglasses and a misting fan. It gets HOT and muggy here in South Florida. One more essential I will suggest to have on hand are baby wipes. They are great for wiping dirty hands and faces. 

All sports moms need certain essentials out on the field! Here's your comprehensive list of soccer mom essentials! #DrinkBodyArmour #ad

I love that Adrian has chosen to play competitive soccer. He is very excited to get out on that court and play. Also, he loves to play even when he isn't at the park. There is always a soccer ball or two being dribbled around the house!

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Do your kids play soccer? If so, what are your soccer mom essentials?


  1. Thanks for this post about soccer mom essentials. I've just signed my son up for his first organized sport season, and this is a great list to get me started on what to bring! Plus I want to check out the BodyArmor premium sports drinks to see if he would enjoy them while he's busy playing, thanks!!

  2. I like that these drinks have less salt. My son is a runner and needs to try these.

  3. I had no idea body armor had drinks. As a soccer mom myself, having our soccer mom kit together for games is crucial. Especially sitting in the hot son.

  4. These are great tips. I remember when my son played soccer a few years ago. I always made sure that he brought plenty of water.

  5. Sunscreen is so important. Now that I have kids, I keep a bottle or tube in every possible location so that they're always protected.

  6. I SO need to get a wheeling cooler this soccer season! Actually, everything on wheels. lol

  7. Very great tips! I am a soccer mom and these are definitely essentials to endure those games and practices!

  8. I hear you about the baby wipes! You just never know when you'll need them, and I still have one in diapers so we have them often.
    sunscreen is also a must.
    Scarlet was playing soccer with friends yesterday and she was pretty good. I wonder if this is the start!



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