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Thursday, May 14, 2015

An Afternoon of Beach Fun

Disclosure: I am a Goddess Garden Organics Ambassador. I have been compensated for this post, however, all opinions are mine alone.

Living in South Florida has it perks, the main ones being the amazing weather and the close proximity to a beach. We do not live by the South Beach area everyone knows Miami for but we do live really close to Matheson Hammock Park which has one of the few atoll beaches in the world. Sometimes in the afternoon, I like to grab the family and go to Matheson and just hang out.

No matter the time of day, even in the late afternoon, the sun is shining and everyone needs to wear sunscreen, especially our new favorite organic sunscreen, Goddess Garden

This is our usual setup under one of the palm trees. I love the nice breeze. JC prefers to take an afternoon nap so that's why there is only one chair. 

In our beach bag there's our Goddess Garden organic, chemical free sunscreen in both the everyday and kids, a coverup for Amberly, my trusty straw hat, a couple sandwiches and bottled water.

I let the kids bring whatever toys they want to the beach with the only rule being: you carry it! If I have to pick it up and carry it, it stays behind! They love the basics though: a bucket and shovels. 

Usually the beach will be open until sunset so we do get to enjoy a couple hours out there. Amberly likes the beach the least so she will usually just put down a towel and read or eat fruit. Sometimes she will venture out into the water, but that is always short-lived, 15 minutes max. 

The boys on the other hand could stay at the beach and in the water all day. They love everything about the beach and sometimes it will be just me and them. I love going to the beach to relax and there really is nothing nicer than just sitting under a palm tree after a long day at work!!

I have been mentioning Goddess Garden organic sunscreens alot lately and that's because we have really loved testing them out. I think you will too. Be sure to join our FB party next Wednesday at 9pm to learn more. RSVP for the party here!

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  1. I wish I could do this! New England can be tough. We have gorgeous beaches but they're really only warm enough to swim for about two months of the year.
    Sunscreen is so important, of course!



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