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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stress-Free Holiday Shopping Tips

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Regions Bank. All opinions are my own.

Let's talk stress-free holiday shopping. Don't laugh, it's possible. With a little planning, some 
shopping smarts and a list of gift ideas, it is actually possible to do some last minute holiday 
shopping without losing your mind! Here are some stress-free holiday shopping tips that have 
worked for me and I know will work for you.

Let me take a moment to be honest. I am nowhere near done with my holiday shopping! Yes, I know it's crazy! No need to freak out!

Being honest with you shows that I just might be a pro at last-minute holiday shopping. Sure, I 
have my lists made and I have the money in the bank so what's the issue? I am a HUGE 
procrastinator. In my mind, I never have the time to shop, so yes I am that person at the mall the 
last few days before Christmas. Since this happens every year, I have some tricks up my sleeve 
to make my holiday shopping as painless and stress-free as possible.

1. Make lists. I usually have 2 lists: one of gifts due by the time school is out for break and the 
other is gifts that I need by the 24th. The gifts on the first list include: gifts for teachers, tutors, 
coaches, school friends and my kids. The gifts on this list are purchased by the end of Cyber 
Monday. I take advantage of sales and if I order online, the gifts arrive in time. The gifts on my 
second list are purchased little by little. 

2. Use new mobile technology to shop. With all the issues with credit card fraud, I only take 
cash and my cell phone when I shop at stores. No purse and no credit cards that can have their 
information stolen with a merchant data breach. This happened to me last year and it was no 
fun resolving the issue. Since I have a Samsung, I enrolled in Android Pay™. Android Pay™ 
stores my cards on my phone and I can make purchases with a touch of my phone. Have an 
iPhone? Make sure to check out Apple Pay®.

3. Enroll in Visa Checkout. Visa Checkout is a simple way to checkout during all your online 
shopping at participating merchants. After registering, Visa Checkout eliminates the need to 
type in your card number and address every time you checkout. No extra work = stress-free 
online shopping!

4. Dedicate a day to shopping. OK, so you have your list and your mobile device ready to go, now dedicate one day to go to the stores. I find a babysitter for Adrian (hit up those grandparents!) and head out to the stores. I follow my list, check out sales, have some coffee and take my time. No rush means no stress!

Last minute holiday shopping doesn't have to be stressful at all. A little planning goes a long way. Be sure to check out more banking solutions from Regions that will help you make everyday stress-free!

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  1. Fabulous tips here, goes to show that a bit of preparation can save you a lot of time and stress!



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