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Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Recap

Hello everyone! It's Monday and we are back to normal around here, kids in school, me blogging and JC at work. Last week, the kids were on spring break and usually that's a super fun time for us. Not this year. With the unnecessary state testing that starts this week, we (and most people I know) spent the break at home prepping for testing. I am totally against state standardized testing in our public schools but that's a topic for another day.

Back to our super mellow at-home spring break. We spent the first half of the week hanging out at home and going to checkups (pediatrician, dentist and optometrist) for Adrian. I had to schedule all appointments during the break because testing!!! Can't miss school in April....UGH!

All four foot four and 62 pounds of him are perfectly healthy!

No cavities! We also went to the optometrist for a 6 month checkup. I will have to go in detail on that appointment later this week. Please take your children to get their eyes checked people!!!

It was already Wednesday and I still had Valentine's Day decorations up. I didn't feel like putting up anything for Spring but all of a sudden this terrible mom guilt hit me. It was a boring vacation, we didn't have any Easter plans and I wasn't going to way!!! I pulled out some Easter decorations and suddenly was in the mood for spring baking!

Meanwhile, everyone else just wanted to stay in pj's all day and watch Harry Potter. I am super excited for the Harry Potter phase since I actually read these books and watched all the movies. Love me some Harry Potter!

Tuesday and Thursday evenings were soccer as usual. Soccer is taken very seriously here in Miami, there are no breaks! Soccer is practiced year round!! 

After soccer, it was pizza time. We go to our local pizza place, The Big Cheese, at least once a week. The kids love it and it gives me one night out of making dinner!

Friday morning we were still bored at home so we decided to try dyeing eggs. We had never done this before and I didn't know that you were not supposed to peel the eggs (thanks for the commentary on Instagram folks!!). Let's just say we were not very successful. There's always next year!

The weather had been yucky all week but by Saturday morning, I couldn't take being at home anymore. I felt so bad for the kids so once Gian finished his music lesson we went to the Youth Fair. I've blogged about the Youth Fair before. it comes once a year in March and the kids love it!

My sister joined us this year. Also, since we are a big blended co-parenting family, Amberly and Gian's mom and her husband joined us also. If there is one thing I am proud of in my life is that we have been able to all do things together for the kids. I know they will look back and remember how all their parents were always around.

Honestly, the only real reason to deal with all the craziness at a fair is the fair food! I don't ride any rides and because of his most recent injury, neither does JC. The food more than makes up for it though!

I mean, come on, they had Frosted Flakes covered chicken on a stick!!!!!  It was delicious!

We usually make sure there are at least 4 kids with us at the fair. It makes riding rides even for the kids, everyone has a partner! This year, Ivanna couldn't make it so we took my sister's godson. 

The kids rode a lot of rides, including many adult rides. These are seriously brave kids. Last ride of the night was Adrian's favorite, Niagara Falls, a water ride!!

Sunday was Easter and we didn't have any plans. I did have create baskets for each of the kids with a board game (Pictionary, Rummikub and Quickcups), Peeps, a pair of water shoes and silly bunny glasses!

We played all the board games, watched another Harry Potter movie, ate Easter lunch (honey glazed ham, baked sweet  potatoes and sauteed asparagus) and ended our day with some fro-yo!!

Honestly, other than the weekend, the week itself was super boring. We will make up for it during summer though. The beach is calling our name!!

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