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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Introducing....Our Blended Life

I have a super exciting announcement for you....we are officially YouTubers!! Yes, you read that correctly, we now have our own family channel on YouTube! This has been a new, super fun side project we have been working on as a family. We were inspired by all the other YouTube families such as the Bratayley's, the Holderness' and the Shaytards. It's so fun to get an inside look into other families lives and my kids were pumped when I mentioned to them the idea of starting a family channel. Big plus...not many blended families on YouTube so we are kinda like trailblazers!

Introducing.....Our Blended Life!!

We are still getting comfortable in front of the camera and have a lot of video production and editing to learn but we are loving it so far! We post once a week (Wednesdays) and are trying to come up with our theme. Right now, it's pretty random and mostly introductions. We will get into the whole blended family thing with interviews and such.

I am loving the enthusiasm with which my family has embraced this new project. We sit together and talk about it all the time, make plans, work through filming issues together and I feel like it will bring us closer. I hope you will check out our channel and share it with your kids!! All families are welcome!

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