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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Be Grateful for Homework

Children and homework. It's a daily struggle for most families. Yes, I agree, some schools give way too much homework but from a parent whose child did not receive homework this year, I just want to day, be grateful for homework!

I have many friends with children in other classrooms in the same grade as my son and they would totally disagree with me. I get it. Homework sucks! It takes hours to do and sometimes parents can't even help their children with the work. But, you know what homework does? It reinforces classroom teachings and helps parents study with their children. In my son's class, there isn't any homework other than computer based homework I am not allowed to help with. Do you know what this means? I have no idea what he is working on during the day. I receive a paper, once every two weeks, letting me know when he has a test or quiz but I do not have any material to study with. I have to go online and find worksheets to review with him. I have to go and find a tutor, pay hourly, to reinforce grade level work.  I am now struggling with a child that might fail third grade because he is below grade level. 

In my opinion, this could have probably been avoided if my child received at least some reading homework. Just a worksheet with one passage would have reinforced reading skills that he is lacking and would have helped me catch on that he had reading comprehension issues. That one sheet could have gotten my child to a tutor sooner and not five weeks before school ends. 

Teachers, from a struggling parent, give some homework. You are not doing anyone a favor by sending hours of homework and you are not doing anyone a favor by not sending any. We, the parents, have no idea what material you are reviewing in class otherwise. Help us help our children succeed in school!

Parents whose children get homework, be grateful. You have the opportunity to be involved in your child's education. Take that opportunity, sit with them and review.  Help them succeed in school. Let them know that you care about their education. I have two other kids that do receive homework and they love it when we sit together and do the work. They like to be able to come and tell me about what they are working on. My child that does not receive homework does feel left out. 

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