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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fresh From Florida - The Importance of Buying Local

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fresh From Florida as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

There is more to Florida than beaches, theme parks and alligators. I'm sure the last thing you think about when it comes to Florida are farms. We do have lots of farms and grow some amazing produce like blueberries, tomatoes, sweet corn and watermelon! From the beaches to the yummy produce, we are your state for summer fun!

The Importance of Buying Local #FreshFromFlorida, #IC #ad

As a born and raised Floridian, I love to share about our incredible state with everyone, especially my kids. Along with teaching them the history of our state, I focus on teaching my kids about the importance of supporting our economy. Once of the easiest ways to support our economy is to purchase locally grown foods and produce. 

From local farms to our kitchen tables, Fresh From Florida and the Florida Department of Agriculture guarantees fresh and delicious food that makes every recipe a win. Inspire healthy and wholesome meals with nature’s finest ingredients for the whole family to enjoy that are locally grown in the wonderful state of Florida.

Just the thought of fresh blueberries and watermelon is making me hungry. I love grilling and take full advantage of it year-long. JC's favorite thing to grill is fresh fish and living in Florida makes it super easy for us. Buying local helps us support the economy, local farmers and helps us know where our food is coming from. Farm to kitchen is super important to me. I am even taking up gardening this summer. I have a black thumb but am determined to learn. It's also a fun family activity. I've been looking through the Fresh From Florida website and learning so much about produce availability and recipes to take advantage of all the yummy summer produce. I can't wait to teach my kids to cook this summer and next week, I will share our first experience and recipe with you. Stay tuned.....

What's your favorite locally-grown summer produce? 

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