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Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Happenings

This post is going to be a start of a new monthly post, mostly for me to remember what happened during the previous month and because I love to share our lives with you. I don't want to miss out on sharing family moments with you!! Today, I'm going to recap the month of June 2014!!!

June started off with the end-of-school!

Gian's Kindergarten graduation

The kids will now move on to first, second and third grade for the 2104-2015 school year.

The kids perfected their tree-climbing skills:

My sister and I took Adrian to a friend's birthday party at Gametime. It's basically a huge arcade and they had a red cup game where kids have to toss ping pong balls into cups, I remember it being called "beer pong" in college, for kids! Insane!!

Spring basketball ended...

and I hosted an end-of-season pool party at the house (so much fun!)

Amberly's piece exhibited at a gallery in Wynwood!

We took the kids to a roller skating party! Amberly is a pro but Adrian and Gian had never skated before. Gian got the hang of it but Adrian hated every minute!! Sorry for the blurry pics, I have no idea how to take action shots on my  phone!

Adrian, Ivanna and 2 of their cousins got together to say good-bye to Ivanna and their grandmother who went to Houston, TX for the summer. We all miss them terribly!!

Basketball practice continues!

So do the rainy days. I think it rained at least 20 days in the month of June.

A BJ's Wholesale opened up down the street from us. We were super excited to check it out. We've been 4 times in a month!

Father's Day was fun for all except me, I was in bed all weekend with what I think was the flu!

Last, but not least, we welcomed a new pet into the family! Meet Raphael:

June was busy, busy, busy but so fantastic!!


  1. Hello Raphael! Your bed looks so comfy! So sorry you were so sick. The photos are so fantastic. Beautiful kids!

  2. Love the recap--what a fun way to remember the previous month!



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