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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life Lately: Crazy Saturday Weekend Edition!

Life is CRAZY busy around here lately. The kids have lots going on with school and getting ready for testing. JC has several Crossfit competitions during March and April and I am busy with blogging. It's insane but I am enjoying every minute of it!

Friday evening we picked up Gian and Amberly and got a cute surprise. Gian lost his two front teeth! I love toothless smiles on little kids!

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning (6:30am) to get to soccer, a Crossfit competition, art class and Cinderella's Royal Ball at the Disney Store! First, we dropped off JC at the gym where he was competing at Battle of the Machines IV. Pulls on the beard for good luck!

We waited around until JC was done with registration and rules.

I attempted a group shot but I guess it was too early. Look at Amberly's "over it" face!

Then we had breakfast at Dunkin Donut's and if you follow me on IG you saw that the kids had an intense Q & A with some police officers who were in the booth behind us.

Then it was off to soccer! Adrian was a little off his game but did manage to score a goal. He has a new love for soccer and will be attending an intense soccer camp during Spring Break!

After soccer we rushed over to art class and then made a mad dash to the Disney Store where Amberly wanted to attend the Royal Ball. We made it to the last session at 12:30 p.m.  Amberly went dressed as her favorite princess, Rapunzel!

This was a super cute event where the kids, most dressed as Cinderella, got an extended peek at the new Cinderella movie, learned about kindness to others and even learned to waltz!

After the ball and buying MORE Tsum Tsum's ( I need to write about my kids obsession with those) we were on our way back to the gym where we luckily caught JC in the last WOD (workout of the day)! Sorry for the blurry pics, he was racing through this WOD!

Buy in: 50 Box Jumps
5 deadlifts
30 yd farmer's carry
5 Power Snatches

This was his 4th WOD so he was beat! I'm glad we caught him in action though. The kids love to cheer him on during competitions! After that WOD, we waited around for the closing ceremonies and I'm thrilled to announe  that my honey got 3rd place in the Men's Terminator category!!! 

This is the first competition where he podiums so it was a HUGE deal! We went to dinner to celebrate where everyone was so exhausted that we left half our food on our plates, went back home and passed out! EXTREMELY eventful Saturday!

Sunday was science project day! Amberly and Gian both worked on and thankfully, finished their science projects and then it was time to relax and play video games!

If you notice, we have yet to finish organizing after the move. If we continue with weekends like this, organizing might never happen!

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  1. Wow! I love all this busy busy. The ball looked awesome.
    The questions to the cops made me laugh. So why do cops eat donuts??



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