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Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Second Chances Girl!

Three years. Today marks three years that I have been blogging. It's incredible to think that it's only been three years!!!

In three years, I have 600 posts. 600!!! Do you know how much writing that is? I have posted about my life, my family, my kids, products we love, recipes for the food we eat, personal struggles, birthdays, holidays, you name it, I've probably written about it. I've struggled to grow my blog, it is definitely not where I thought it would be after three years but I have honestly enjoyed every minute of it! 

As I go into year four tomorrow, I have certain hopes and goals for Second Chances Girl. I hope to do more videos. I'm not the best at video, but I can always learn to be better. I also want to share more personal moments, after all, this is a journal I can one day look back on. I've also mentioned previously, that I am interested in writing an e-book about blended family relationships, maybe that will happen in year 4. Finally, I just want to grow my blog. Hopefully, more people stumble upon it and like what they read. Creating a loyal following is super important to me.

So, Happy 3rd birthday Second Chances Girl. You have been a blessing for me, an outlet and my future!

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